A few words from Keith, today he sent me this…
by Kasper Garst, 13th November 2018

Make of this what you will. Bluemoo Studios Limited has just had a one for five thousand share split, we started off with just 400 shares and now we have two million. On every level this makes a lot of sense for us but the 'thing' that I wanted to share is this: They, as in every stationery supplier I could find, don’t make C5 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' envelopes.

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Sean Mackey joins the crew as Community Manager!
by Kasper Garst, 22nd October 2018

I still can’t get used to talking openly about Headshed as a social media platform, some people are so much better at keeping secrets; me? I’m rubbish. It could be why I’m currently single. Never mind, enough about me, let’s talk about Sean Mackey who has just joined the team, taking role of Community Manager.

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Big announcement Q&A!
by Kasper Garst, 16th October 2018

After so many false dawns, I’m finally; yes FINALLY able to tell you all about the massive sea change we have made. I thought that I would shout it but now that I can actually talk about it I’m just going to whisper…

we are making a social media platform.

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British Battledress Serge
by Kasper Garst, 11th September 2018

It wasn’t that long ago that we were entirely happy with how we produced our inform textures but that’s the thing about video games; the technology doesn’t stand still, not for one moment.

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One step away!
by Kasper Garst, 10th September 2018

We are now just one step away from “the big announcement” having taken one step closer this week. As director of communications, I’ve always felt a bit weird dealing with the classified nature of what we are doing but please don’t judge me for the secrecy, the video games sector is still very much the wild west of IP rights.

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by Bluemoo, 14th August 2018

Gus served for nine years, not just as a soldier but as a medic too. He has seen a lot of action on the frontlines and to top it all he is a keen gamer! OK, so just being a keen gamer doesn’t really top Gus’s other achievements but in our line of work it is a real bonus.

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