Sean Mackey joins the crew as Community Manager!

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I still can’t get used to talking openly about Headshed as a social media platform, some people are so much better at keeping secrets; me? I’m rubbish. It could be why I’m currently single. Never mind, enough about me, let’s talk about Sean Mackey who has just joined the team, taking role of Community Manager. All right, so he hasn’t “just” taken the role, it was three weeks ago but I couldn’t mention it until we got the big announcement out of the way!

Sean initially got involved with Bluemoo in January as a consultant working on map markings for CS:GO, this led onto assisting our strategic military consultants and graphic designer in the development of our universal map markings system. So, it’s like he has been around for a while and it's great to see him taking a long term role; *cough* I still haven’t got my CS:GO pro tips! Sean is no stranger to community management and is totally hyped for the new role. We have told him that’s it’s going to take quite some time before we actually have a community but as he puts it:

“Community management tools designed by community management, now there’s an idea; I get to determine what we need, what’s not to like?”

Sean Mackey - Community Manager

Welcome on board Sean. Nice bit of “3rd rule people repurposing” boss, I might get my pro tips after all.

PS. I repurposed the picture too. Oops.

Kasper out.