One step away!

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We are now just one step away from “the big announcement” having taken one step closer this week. As director of communications, I’ve always felt a bit weird dealing with the classified nature of what we are doing but please don’t judge me for the secrecy, the video games sector is still very much the wild west of IP rights. All I can do for now is give you one more clue on top of all the little clues that I have sneaked in so far…

This week we secured further trademark registrations in four more use classes. We already had class 41 and we now have classes; 9, 28, 38 and 42. I wonder if anyone has pieced it together, well don’t worry if you haven’t, I’m expecting that I’ll be able to make the big announcement next week.

In other news, the Kickstarter Video team is now entering the pre-animation filming part of the process. We aren’t ashamed to say that we underestimated the complexities of making an animated film albeit a short one. We also struggled to describe our groundbreaking tech product in a 1942 setting whilst keeping the followers of the 'Weird War II'-genre happy. In retrospect we didn’t make our lives easy but what would be the point of any easy life, as the boss puts it: “Problems get the best out of people, just look at the crows”, I’m not entirely sure what that means but hey, he gets a bit cryptic sometimes.

A very excited Kasper out.