Big announcement Q&A!

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After so many false dawns, I’m finally; yes FINALLY able to tell you all about the massive sea change we have made. I thought that I would shout it but now that I can actually talk about it I’m just going to whisper…

we are making a social media platform.

Yep, for now we have shelved our 3D products and we have only gone and built a social media platform for gamers. That’s right; we have already built a social media platform.

Wait! What? Why? But.. What about the…? Lots of questions right? Fair enough, it really is a major change in our product release programme and for sure it needs a full explanation. So I thought about doing a FAQs but that wouldn’t do because nobody has actually asked any questions, how could they? Instead I recorded a quick Q&A with Keith and if you want to know the details here’s the full unedited transcribe of our conversation:

(Q)Kasper: All right first question, what about the mission planning tools in Headshed WWII, do they all fit in with a social media platform?

(A)Keith: Don’t worry, we will be delivering everything that we have discussed and then some. The fact is, in this format we can expand on our core product in so many ways. The whole up vote system for really good strategies, for example, makes so much more sense when it is extended beyond internal clan based opinions. This is a step forward.

(Q)Kasper: I’ve known about this for ages, why did it take so long before we went public?

(A)Keith: Wow, OK you did say no holds barred Q&A. Erm… where do I start? IP was a Biggy, getting Headshed the right use classes took an annoying amount of time but recently the delays were rather boringly more to do with accounting rules more than anything else. It’s been frustrating I know, but hey let’s move forward in a more open way. Sometimes you just have to play your cards close to your chest.

(Q)Kasper: What’s happening to all of the work has gone into Headshed WWII, is it all wasted?

(A)Keith: Ouch. No, it’s not wasted, for a start most of our World War II assets will be appearing in a promotional video. I hate waste, I really do. We have put together a team that is more than capable of producing a triple-A standard 3D product and I’m not about to say “thanks for coming you are aren’t needed anymore” no way. Our 3D products will complement they are just on hold for now.

(Q)Kasper: Ok, so when will be ready for release?

(A)Keith: It’s still a long way off, we have built a functional social media platform and like everything we try to do it's modular. We have a viable product, we are calling it 'Hyshu' but it’s just the start, we still need to produce the bolt on functions that will form and as you know money makes everything happen that much quicker. At this stage we are seeking funds to speed up the process and until the funds are in place, I’m not going to give you a road map. Let’s just say; we will get there in the shortest time possible with the resources available. I’m a gamer and I want Headshed like yesterday.

(Q)Kasper: So what prompted the change of direction?

(A)Keith: In a nutshell; clarity. The games finance market sealed the deal for me personally. Don’t forget the original concept of placing our strategic mission planning tools in a social media format is all Connor’s idea. For a while I guess I let my attachment to Headshed WWII cloud my judgement and the way I look at it now; I see a successful as a way of securing funds for all of our 3D products.

(Q)Kasper: Why aren’t you annoyed that I let the regular posts slip?

(A)Keith: Where did that come from? And who says I’m not annoyed? But okay, of course I’m not. This release has been so long coming that I guess posting anything else feels like we are deceiving our audience. Kasper, I get it and I feel it, talking about other stuff ahead of the big announcement was always going to feel a bit like we are deceiving our readership but it just had to done in order to safeguard our IP and a whole load of other stuff. Sorry.

Kasper: Thanks man.

Keith: Well, that’s not a question. But hey at least you managed to get enough clues out there, anyone following us would have had a pretty good idea. So don’t beat yourself up. Anyway this is heading off topic now. Are we done?

Kasper: Yep, that’s it for now. Thanks Keith.

I hope that I’ve thought of most of the questions you might have and the odd one that you wouldn’t, but if there is anything else on your mind just let us know.

Kasper out.