A few words from Keith, today he sent me this…

on the

"Make of this what you will. Bluemoo Studios Limited has just had a one for five thousand share split, we started off with just 400 shares and now we have two million. On every level this makes a lot of sense for us but the 'thing' that I wanted to share is this: They, as in every stationery supplier I could find, don’t make C5 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' envelopes. They make C4 sizes and bigger but that’s it, I wanted to be sure that our team receive their new share certificates in pristine condition. So a quick graphic and printing, a bit of chopping up the support card in the bigger envelopes and a liberal splash of spray adhesive and we have C5 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' envelopes fit for purpose.

"The point is; just because it doesn’t exist isn’t a valid reason for it not existing and that is pretty much the driving force behind Headshed, our people are on a journey into the unknown and I know that they will create where new ground is broken. It also seemed really apt that the message on these handmade envelopes is 'please do not bend'. I might well be losing the plot here and the glue probably didn’t help but, I’m sure that there is a deeper message here for everyone that wants to do something new."

Keith Anderson,
Managing Director

I’m motivated by these words and this message, so yeah thanks for sharing boss.

Kasper out.