Kickstarter competition deadline extended!
by Bluemoo, 13th May 2018

Recently we started a competition for you to have your chance at winning a Steam gift card and a BLUE Yeti microphone, whilst participating in our upcoming Kickstarter video!

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Dev update #21
by Connor Graham, 23rd August 2017

Connor here with a mysterious dev update.

I think it's time to reveal a little bit about what we're building in general.

Currently we're trying to build something to support your gaming habits and enhance the way you play (in a practical sense). This will cater to both casual and milsim-style players, as we're mainly trying to improve collaboration and teamwork between players. I can't say much more than that right now, but doesn't it sound exciting?

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by Keith Anderson, 21st August 2017

The role of video games in military training is developing at pace but whilst flight simulators are now an irreplaceable element of any would be fighter pilot’s education, other endeavours in the field specifically ground based forces, are experimental at best. However, the relationship between game developers and the military is now established and it transpired that this relationship is a two-way street.

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Dev update #19
by Kasper Garst, 09th August 2017

What is a product without a brand? What is a brand without a logo? What is a snail without a home? We don’t really know the answer to the first couple questions, but we do know that we had to wait until we had settled on our Head Shed logo before explaining exactly how Head Shed will change the way you play video games.

Why did it take sooooo long to produce our product logo? That is indeed a very good question. Our go to logo guy Nick Oosterwijk has a great track record with the firm, in a matter of days or maybe moments, he came up with our Bluemoo logo. “Here’s a few ideas but I’d recommend the first one” he said “you are so right Nick, we love it” we said. And that was very much it, Stage one: job done.

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Engine Change
by Connor Graham, 12th April 2017

Connor here with a medium development update.

We've put alot of thought and reading in over the past month or so and we've decided to make the switch over to Unity instead of Unreal for this project. (Probably an industry first)

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Connor Graham – Lead Programmer & Webmaster
by Kasper Garst, 28th December 2016

"Programming is a refined taste as both a hobby and a profession, good projects are like a challenging puzzle waiting to be solved and any project worth doing is like a good riddle.

Lateral thinking and logic are required.
(Also, use tabs not spaces.)

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