About Us

We are an eclectic bunch driven by a shared ambition to achieve excellence in every step we take towards bringing our game changing product to market. There's so much exciting stuff going on and these are the lovely talented people that are making it happen.

Brett Balaban


I've always been fascinated by aviation and one day I know I will fulfil my life-long ambition of flying in the Royal Air Force.  I spent a couple of years in the Air Training Corps before leaving to concentrate on my A-Levels.  My time in the Corps was fantastic, one week I was in the air doing aerobatics and the next I was down on the ground firing the L98A2 Rifle. I loved every moment and I can't wait to get back in the air. I'm also a pretty serious drummer and knowing when to cut is a bi-product of my drumming. I often find the balance of great visuals and fitting audio through rhythm which may seem a weird but to me its second nature.

Brook Buckelew

Art Director

I still remember my chin hitting the floor the first time I saw ‘Sinbad the Sailor’ in all its glorious modern Technicolor.

It wasn't the brave hero, the exotic scenery or the Emmy winning story that made me drop my toys, hold my jaw in place and plop myself down staring unblinkingly at the television.

No sir, I attribute this feat to Ray Harryhousen’s incredible creatures. These things moved and looked like the real deal, at least to an imaginative little boy. Thanks Ray you are the reason I do what I do.

Connor Graham

Chief Technology Officer

I'm Sheffield born and bred and proud to be a Yorkshire lad. Whilst growing up I've always had a passion for film and media, I even used to ask my parents to tape adverts for me as a toddler and watched all of the “making of” special features I could get my hands on.
My first experience with programming games was with Flash and Actionscript (stereotypically).
I joined Bluemoo in late 2016, fulfilling the role of Lead Programmer (doing all the complicated bits), coming in on a blaze of DNS-fixing glory!

Elling Nøkleby


Made in the cold hard North, I’m as Norwegian as they get. Hailing form Hringariki, I’m in good company. Viken, a stone’s throw from the birth place of Harald Sigurdsson, is arguably the point of origin of the word Viking and I do love arguing history!

I distinctly remember the first novel I read (all by myself) Røvet av vikinger by Torill Thorstad Hauger. Throughout primary school I cared for little else than Vikings, and from there my obsession with history grew into what it is today. Currently I’m obsessing about Nordic military history during Stormaktstiden.

Fredrik Isaksson

Public Relations Director

Born and raised in the cold North of Sweden. I've been interested in the medieval era and Vikings for as long as I can remember. I would love to get in to black-and bladesmithing someday, to recreate old-norse bladed weaponry. I am in love with nature and everything that comes with it, fishing being the main passion for the outdoors. I am proud to be the only person on the team to get modeled in to the game as a Viking, I believe I'll fit the bill.

Gus Pollard

Head of DevOps

Nine years in the British army and you are bound to pick up a thing or two. I worked with ██████ and a variety of units as a soldier and medic on the frontlines, all the time developing ████ and █████ skills. I also did locum medical work for three years before switching roles entirely and getting into IT as a DevOps Engineer.

I'm here to work in a DevOps capacity but with my varied background I'm also looking forward to contributing as a military consultant. I thrive in tough environments and I’m always looking for the next challenge; just got to keep the ADHD busy somehow! In my spare time I dress up in metal armour and get hit with swords.

John █████

Strategic Military Consultant

20 years in the British Military from ██████, initially as an Infantry Soldier and subsequently as a Commissioned Officer. As an infantryman he specialised as a ██████ and ██████ once commissioned his command roles spanned ██████████████████ and ██████. Trained via the School of Infantry in the capability and deployment of the range of personal and support weapons available to an Infantry Battalion. Serving in both tactical and operational command roles on deployed operations, under the direction of UK, NATO and United Nations Headquarters. John has run and worked in operations rooms and is a proven military problem-solver and planner who spent more than ██ years in total on deployed operations.

Josh Bowler


From Colchester (Roman Capital of Britannia) and educated in Lincoln (home of the Magna Carta), I’ve always been surrounded by Britain’s history. I really kicked off my interest after picking up a Sharpe book at my primary school book fair, which lead me to join a French Napoleonic living history unit. Frequent stints in hospital due to Crohn’s Disease left me plenty of time to work through my mountains of books, and to spend an inordinate amount of time plugged into my pc. And the best part is, I’ve finally found some people who will listen to my historical rambling!

Kasper Garst

Communications Director

I was weaned on video games and computers, my first being a Windows95 Machine at the age of two and nothing has really compared to the enjoyment and general sense of wonderment that I get from playing. Part of me hates to admit it but my life has always centred around being in front of a screen but that’s just how it is. The upshot is I’m damn good.

I always strive to do my best in whatever game I play and that makes me the idea person to talk about any concerns and issues you might have.

Keith Anderson

Managing Director

Dragged up on the mean streets of Hackney, I quite enjoyed swimming with the sharks that occupy the dark waters of London property development. So much so I ended up spending thirty years of my life putting together deals and it’s fair to say that a big part of me misses the fracas but that’s the part of me that I don’t actually like.

Fast forward; here I am heading up a games development company without the foggiest idea how a video game is made, such is my belief in our people and our product. Thankfully, there are so many similarities between building a real world environment and building a game that most of my skill set is transferable (fingers crossed).

Michael Loates-Taylor

Level Designer

I attended the Badminton Horse Trails recently and I happened to be seated near a young lad who asked me what I do for a living. I did think that this would be the start of a conversation about architecture but he wasn’t in the least bit interested. It was only when I mentioned I’m also a level designer for a games development team that his eyes lit up and the barrage of questions started.

It’s nice to know that after all these years I have finally become awesome.

Patrick Jølstadengen

Graphic Designer

I'm born and raised in Oslo, surrounded by mountains and the sea. I've been playing PC games for as long as I can remember and I started fooling around with Photoshop about a decade ago. I’ll admit that I probably became a bit obsessed with the programme, it’s so much fun learning all the things you can do. National service in the Norwegian Army was quite an experience and I guess that I’m a better person for it, certainly more organised. Another great passion of mine is watching ice hockey with the Dallas Stars being my team! Joining Bluemoo and project Head Shed is a great outlet for my creativity and the perfect use for thousands of hours spent in my own fascinating little Photoshop world.